Korzilius initiated its activity more than 160 years ago, starting with production of clay jars, bottles and containers for the nearby manufacturers of mineral waters and liqueurs.
Changes on the market and the introduction of new technologies replaced clay vessels by cheap glass bottles, manufactured in economical mass production system. That situation prompted the Management of Korzilius to modify production profile, what led to production of stoneware pipes, successively launched onto the market. Then, beginning from the fifties of the 20th century, a new epoch era began in the history of Korzilius business - namely the production of ceramic tiles. In 1956, the first tunnel stove was set up and put into operation. Helmut Korzilius, a descendant of the business founders and member of the 4th generation of the Korzilius family, succeeded to the position of President in the Korzilius Business.
The introduction of a roller stove in 1985 increased the production capacity and unveiled new technological perspectives.
In April 2008, this German Manufacturer joined the Tubądzin Group which, till that time, had two production plants: in Tubądzin and in Ozorków, as well as the Logistic-Distribution Centre in Cedrowice.
Korzilius is one of the most famous manufacturers of top quality clinker products, manufactured from plastic masses. From the very beginning tiles have been and are manufactured by the drawing method, which not allows for production of tiles but also of various decorative elements and shaped elements (shaped steps and balcony tiles, corners, skirting boards, windowsills, facade elements and tiles) .
All the Korzilius products are frost-resistant, while floor tiles are also anti-slip and characterised by very high hardness and abrasion resistance.